Re-Minder-Lubrication for SJ Jaw Crusher


Lubrication is very important for the equipment maintenance, what’s the perfect way to add lubricant oil to Jaw Crusher?


1.      Add lubricant oil, position should be correct


There are lubricant points on the 4 bearings of SJ Jaw crusher


SRH offer central lubrication system for optional

2.     The quantity of lubricant oil should be just enough

Less lubricant oil will cause dry friction

More lubricant oil will also cause friction

Temperature will be high

Lubricant oil needed for different model of SJ


3.     Oil adding, should be on time, no mixed oil

Before adding oil, clean the connecting lubricant points

Please add oil when the bearing is still warm after stop running of Jaw crusher

No mixed oil with different brands


Recommend oil

A #2 通用锂基润滑脂


Normal working temperature of bearing is 40-70

If the temperature is higher than 75, must stop the machine and check

If one bearing temperature is higher 10-15 than other threes, must stop machine and check

Recommend oil for main motor