Re-Minder-SZ Vibrating Feeder Daily Lubrication Oil Change Guide


The SZ feeder mainly consists of feed chute, vibrator ,spring set and transmission system, while the vibration force of feed chute comes from the vibrator. The equipment structure is not complicated, but the daily maintenance work should not be slack off, such as simple but very important oil replacement, check if you are doing in the right way?

                1.  Check daily and replace regularly

 It is important to check the amount of lubricant oil in the vibrator every day.

The optimum oil level is located in the middle of the inspection hole.

For new equipment, the lubricant must be replaced after 80 hours of operation.

After that, the oil must be change every 300 working hours.

Note: Normal equipment operation temperature ranges from 40 ℃-70℃, if the operation temperature reaches 75℃, the cause must be found in a timely manner.

2. The amount of oil should be moderate

For oiling, it is not more is better. Too much lubricant will lead to higher bearing temperature, adverse cooling, and ultimately affect the service life of the equipment. The amount of oil required for the SZ feeder varies depending on the model:

3. Oil grade should be correct

During the daily maintenance, we recommend the same lubricants (N100 industrial gear oil) for SZ feeders as for SC cone crusher lubrication system in tropical and subtropical regions.

For the main motor, we recommend grease:

4. Special notes

Finally, it is worth noting that there are 3 drain holes in the vibratory tank, each of which is equipped with a strong magnetic chip to absorb possible iron particles or impurities in the lubricant, which can filter the lubricant and effectively protect the bearings and extend their service life.