Our 2020


In 2020, it will have complex things, rebuilt order, and changes that you must keep up with before you are ready. Everyone has experienced a lot of difficulties in their work and life.


Assemble action · Overcome the difficulties together

The sudden epidemic disrupted everyone’s pace,

We gather online, guarding wholeheartedly,

Still escort equipment and business in special times;

We resume work in a strict and orderly manner, and actively cooperate with the prevention and control management in the region,

Actively fulfill social responsibilities and practice corporate responsibility.



Reignite the construction site, come for you

The prevention and control of the epidemic has improved, and the pace of economic recovery has immediately followed.

We are fortunate not to be overthrown by difficulties and race against time to regain our mobility.

Commencement, transportation, commissioning, production;

Let the equipment roar again,

Also let the familiar sand and gravel fly up.



The brave are fearless and advance with the "stone"

Where is the sand, where we go

We believe that difficulties are always temporary

The brave are fearless and will be reborn if they take the initiative

We will bear the wind and rain together and go all out




Efforts to calibrate, ready to go

The road overcoming obstacles is never alone

There is also an invincible team that works with us.

They quickly adjust to the environment and the market

Create and refresh records with us, share joy

Also pointed out the problem and helped us adjust in time

We also express our gratitude to everyone who supports Shaorui Heavy Industry

And because of you, let this year shine