Distributor Training, for better service


February 11th to13th and 18th to 20th, Felipe Hidalgo Ribeiro, the SRH application and technical support engineer in South America, held two 3-days Distributor Training at IASA - the distributor of SRH, SEM, Metso and CAT in Ecuador, and Cresko – the distributor of SRH, SEM, SHACMAN in Peru.

Totally, 16 core service technicians, head of Training and commercial accessors from IASA and Cresko were trained on the technique and application of SRH's equipment.


Distributor training at IASA



Distributor training at Cresko


The trainings were focused on the operation and maintenance for SRH’s SZ, SJ, SC and SS machines, including jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating feeder and vibrating screen. These series of products are defined strategically for local market.




During the trainings, we also answered the application issues and process design that most focused: how to choose the best machine, and how the process can affect SRH machines performance.


Thanks for SRH's great support, the well-prepared training effectively solved the doubts in real field situations, which is helpful for our future service. 

 -----------From one trainee  


In near future, we will have more offline training programs for our distributors and online technical sharing with our end customer.

Where there are better SRH people, there is a better service!