Just after the May Holiday, where did We Go?


The Labor Day holiday is just over. I believe everyone is back to work and busy again. It's said that Shaorui heavy industry is outside again. Where is it?


Xiong'an, China

6th to 8th 2019

The second Xiong'an sand and construction waste treatment 

technology and Equipment Exhibition


It is understood that most of the demolition projects in Xong'an will adopt environmental protection and efficient demolition technology, and the construction of Xing'an new area will strictly implement the concept of "ecological priority and green development” and establish a model of environmental protection demolition. The construction of the new area has started, and the main demand center of aggregate in Beijing Tianjin Hebei area will be transferred to Xiong'an. This is a huge opportunity for the sand industry. And we are not going to miss it.


Huadu, Guangzhou

8th to 9th 2019

2019 Pan Pearl River basin high-quality machine-made sand green development forum


The "2019 Pan Pearl River basin high-quality machine-made sand green development forum" hosted by CSSGLW.COM will be held in Huadu, Guangzhou. Shaorui heavy industry will attend the corporate exhibition and discuss with you. Welcome to visit us.

The theme of this forum is "high quality construction sand solution in the absence of natural resources". It discusses the production technology, existing issues and market application of high-quality machine-made sand under the contradiction of shrinking supply of natural resources and increasing market demand.